Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Glossybox: January 2013

If you have been living under a rock and you don't know what a Glossybox is I'll briefly explain. Glossybox is a monthly subscription service, which you pay £10 for the box and a bit extra for p&p. Each month you receive a box of 5 beauty samples ranging from nail polish-skincare, which are based on a different theme each month. The samples usually come in a smaller sized bottle (as the name sample would suggest!) but they also come in a little sachet.

This months theme is detox which I feel is very appropriate as most people tend to over indulge at christmas! My first impressions of this months box is that it is heavily skincare based which I think is to get your skin off to a fresh start and kind of renew it.

The first product I got in my detox box was a lacoste- eau de lacoste perfume sample. Now I know some people arent always keen on receiving perfume samples in Glossybox, as often enough pick them up free in department stores. I however, really like it as it means I get to try a new perfume and often the size is really handy to carry around in your bag and most department stores are 'stingy' with the samples unless you are actually buying something. I haven't yet tried this perfume but I'll tell you what I think when I have. The description of this perfume says that it is 'built on a classical fragrance structure...fusing modern and traditional ingredients to capture the simple sensuality of delicate flowers'

The next thing in my box was Monu micro exfoliant. Ive never heard of the brand monu before and when I looked at the guide which comes with the glossy box I was quite excited to try this as it looked quite good. However, The leaflet says that its an 'instant pick-me-up with papaya enzymes and Shea butter to provide an immediate healthy 'new skin' effect' this product is meant to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines which isn't really a concern to me, I think this would be better suited for people with more mature skin.

Another product in my Glossybox this month was another product which seemed bettter suited for mature skin. Its this Murad hydrodynamic ultimate moisture for eyes. This products description mentioned that its for keeping the eyes hydrated in order to prevent wrinkles, dark circles and bags. I don't think I will get much use out of this as I already have an eye cream and wrinkles aren't really a concern to me!

Again! I got another wrinkle reducing product! This time I got Sanctuary Spa active reverse thermal transformation mask. This product claims to 'dramatically improve the appearance of your skin without cosmetic injections' it also is meant to firm and refine your skin within 4 weeks use to create a smoother, glowing more even skin and minimise fine lines and wrinkles. This seems useless to me as its not for me at all. My skin type is combination to oily and I have young skin which doesn't have problems with fine lines and wrinkles.

The last product I got in my Glossybox was this BM Beauty dewy perfection finishing powder. This product is made from zinc oxide which is meant to be anti-inflammatory and its also got 100% natural minerals in it and its also cruelty, paraben, synthetic dye and fragrance free! This is a finishing powder that create a dewy finish and can also can be used under foundation to "diminish fine lines and blemish" so I guess it can be used as a concealer type thing, which sounds pretty good! It can also be used as a highlight for cheek and brow bones. When I first looked at this product I thought "this cant be a powder its way too shimmery?" But when I read the description on the Glossybox leaflet I am really impressed with how good it sounds and I cannot wait to try it! This is the product I am most excited about to try!

Glossybox every now and then, throw in a product they make themselves for example last months was a Glossybox blusher which was surprisingly good! This month Glossybox threw in a 'Glossydreams' eye mask which I think looks really cute and is a great idea for the 'detox' month!

Overall, this months Glossybox is a little disappointing to me. I had high hopes for this months box after receiving such a great box last month and unfortunately they haven't lived up to them as far as first impressions go! I think with the products for 'mature skin' I will pass them on to my mum to try out but I will try a few myself and let you know how I get on! I will update you soon on what I think of them and lets hope February's Glossybox is a little better!

P.s, sorry that the photos are at the bottom of the page I tried to order them after each paragraph so it was relevant to what I am talking about, but I am blogging from my Ipad which makes it difficult to do, I will try and change it when I am next on my laptop!

Monday, 27 August 2012

B.right Skincare!

First of all I've been a bad blogger, I have been away from blogging for nearly a month now,I just have been busy looking/applying for jobs most of the time when I'm on my laptop so I got a bit side tracked from blogging.

I bought this a while ago on a bit of a whim really as I wanted to try a new skin care routine, as mine was pretty basic. I was mainly attracted to this set because the products are a small size which made it perfect to try it out without been stuck with a big bottle of something which is only half used (thinking back to the box with all my un-used products). Another thing which attracted me to the  B.right set was the price, I mean £10 for a skincare set? You cant go wrong!

Triple performance facial emulsion-

I really liked this product, it felt really nice on my skin when I applied it in the morning, it made my face feel really refreshed and hydrated,  it also  has a silky feel to it. It was a little runny but not too difficult so it spilt out every time you opened the bottle. The one thing I really don't like about this product is the bottle, while it looks pretty and doesn't look  cheap and tacky, the glass bottle makes it hard to work with. I found it really difficult trying to get the product out it, it would take me around 30 seconds extra just to get it out the bottle which you don't really need when your in a rush. 

Would I buy Triple Performance facial emulsion again this? 
No,  I don't really know why, I just wasn't overly impressed by it.

Total moisture face cream- 

This was a product was a winner for me. I really liked the consistency it was perfect  for the packaging it was in, it allowed you to just scoop out a little bit from the pot which I found really useful and easy. The product itself was really hydrating and felt really nice on my skin as it wasn't too heavy and absorbed quick, which is awful when it doesn't, especially if you're applying it just before bed. 

Would I buy Total Moisture face cream again?
Yes, I really liked this product.

Refined facial polish-

I didn't get on well with this product. The first time I used this product I felt like it had removed all the skin off my face and left it really sore. Despite this, I decided to persevere as I thought it might help my skin. Did i feel like it worked? Yes! weirdly, I felt like it did reduce black heads and a bit of oily-ness, maybe that was due to the fact I felt like  it did properly target my pores as I felt as if it was rubbing my top layer of dead skin off! 

Would I buy Refined facial polish again?
Yes because I felt like it did help, I think I'd just have to grin and bare the pain once a week.

Foaming clean face wash-

Again, I didn't enjoy this product much because it found it too difficult to work with. It has a really thick consistency which makes it hard to get out of the tube and also to apply, you really have to rub it in for ages to get a good lather going or it doesn't feel like its cleaning your face properly. Also, I didn't like the way my face felt after, it felt really sticky like it  hadn't been washed off properly and even felt like that after I washed it again. 

Would I buyFoaming Clean face wash again?
No, because I found it just too difficult to work with.

Its POTENT! eye cream-

The eye cream has a really nice feel to it, its silky and leaves my eye area smooth and hydrated after use. Although I like how it feels, I'm not sure if its really doing anything. It claims to reduce dark circles but I'm not really sure if it has.

Would I buy Its POTENT! eye cream again?
I'm still undecided about this product, as I feel like I need to give it longer to see if it actually works.

Moisture Prep toning lotion-

This was my favourite out off all the B.right skin care set, I'm not saying its new a revelation in the world of toners, but I really liked it. It made my face feel so clean and removed all excess make up and oil so my face was ready for moisturiser. I've unfortunately ran out of it which deeply saddens me:(. I think its down to the glass bottle which doesn't have one of those regulator cap thingys (I have no idea what they are called) which most toners have, to stop it spilling all out at once. Also, this toner like all the other products, has this really pleasant smell to them which is really nice first thing  in the morning.

Would I buy Moisture Prep toning lotion again?
Yes, I really loved it. 

Overall, I was really impressed with the B.right set over all as it was great value for money and some of the items are really great, I recommend just buying the set to try them out because if you don't like them they only work out about £2 each. 

Monday, 30 July 2012

Hi everyone! I know I  havent blogged for a while because i have been away,  but I'm back now and getting back into the swing of blogging. I recently discovered which is a website which sell a range of designer brand sunglasses and glasses. I thought I'd share some of my favourite sunglasses from their website.

Ray Ban Aviators £89.95
I really like these aviators by Ray Ban. I like the way the colours go together because they just work really well. Also, I think you always need a pair of aviators in your sunglasses collection.
Designer Sunglasses | Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator Large Metal From £58.95 at SmartBuyGlasses UK

Ray Ban Wayfarers £113.95
I love these classic black wayfarers because I think they are so timeless and go with most things in your wardrobe.
Ray Ban Sunglasses | Best prices on Ray Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Polarized and Ray Ban sunnies at SmartBuyGlasses

Tom Ford £186.95
I love these Tom Ford cateyes glasses because I really love the tortise shell effect one them and I've always wanted a pair like these ones.
Sunglasses Sale | Low prices on Tom Ford FT0173 NIKITA and Tom Ford shades at SmartBuyGlasses UK

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hello flawless review

Hi everyone, today I'm doing my first ever review!  I recently purchase 'Hello Flawless' by Benefit. I had  been on the look out for a new pressed powder to try, when I stumbled upon the Benefit counter and I was enticed in! I explained how I was looking for a new powder and that I have quite oily skin, the Benefit Lady recommended that I should try 'Hello Flawless' and colour-matched me up also with the 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation'. I have to say I was very impressed with the colour and how the combination of the foundation and the powder looked on my skin, so impressed I was reaching for my purse as soon as she finished colour-matching me, although I liked the foundation I restrained myself from buying both as I am supposed to be saving up.

I have been using this powder for about 3-4 weeks now and I have to admit I was impressed with this product at first by the way it looks on my skin. It looks sort of dewy but not too shiny and also kinda matte too. The thing which has let me down with this product is that I have hit the pan already! Its really disappointed me because now I don't consider it to be good value for money and as much as I love the powder itself I wouldn't justify spending £24.50, on a product that starts to run out after just a month.

What I like about this product:

  1. The colour choice: I really like the colours Benefit have to offer, because with Benefits other power, 'Get even' they only have 3 shades on offer: Light, Medium and Dark.
  2. The colour: I really like the fact that it doesn't look un-natural and yet it still gives you a little boost of colour
  3. The coverage: I like how the coverage is just enough to stop you from shining, but it doesn't make you look cakey.
  4. Accessories + Packaging: I love the fact that it has a mirror and it also comes with a brush and a sponge for spot cover-up. Also, I really like the packaging it looks really cool.

What I dislike about this product:

  1. It doesn't have enough powder in it for the price
  2. Not a good value for money

Would I buy this product again?

If I was asking myself this when I first bought this product, I would have said yes because i really like the product itself, but the fact that this only lasts a month before it starts to run out has really put me off. I wouldn't say I had even been using it excessively either. I've been using it every morning and maybe half way through the day for touch-ups.

What rating would I give this product out of 10

I'd have to give this product a 8 out of 10 because I do really like it, even if it isn't going to last that long I still consider it to be a good product.
I hope you enjoyed this review and maybe found it useful.

 Take care and have a nice day!
Concealandcover (Charlotte) x

Saturday, 14 July 2012

August Magazines

Hi everyone, yesterday I went out for a meal and afterwards I always take a trip to the Tesco's in the shopping centre, just for a look at the magazines. I spent about 10 minutes just choosing what magazine I was going to buy! Ok, so I admit I went a little mad but I'm just a sucker for the free gifts they give out because I love trying them out and I also read magazines fast and I like having plenty of options to choose from.

I picked up company because it's one of my favourite magazines and I enjoy reading it. There was no free gift with it but that wasn't going to put me off it. I'm really looking forward to looking at the 'nail art goes on holiday' article because I'm really enjoying looking at nail art and designs at the moment, I have no idea why though.

Company: £2

Another magazine I picked up was cosmopolitan, which is another magazine I get almost every issue because I find Cosmo and company are packed full with a lot of interesting stuff because I find some magazines are just full of adverts, I also read Cosmo's website regularly too. Cosmopolitan were giving away a free Misguided Splash nail varnish in these great neon colours for summer (well the none existent British one!). You could either get pink, yellow or orange. I chose orange because I didn't really fancy yellow and I have so many pink nail varnishes! I haven't yet tried it out as I spent ages doing chevron nail art on my nails yesterday but as soon as I take this off my nails I'll be trying it out and posting pictures. My first impressions of this nail varnish is, its quite watery/running which I think suggests that you are going to need a lot of coats of it which is disappointing but I still have to try it out.


Misguided nail varnish usually £5.99  

Cosmopolitan: £3.50

I also buy glamour a lot too (basically I just buy a lot of magazines). Glamour were giving away these Balance Me samples, you could choose from: rose otto intensive lip salve, pure skin face wash, extra care wonder eye cream and balancing face moisturiser. I bought the one with the rose otto intensive lip salve. It smells great, just like roses and it has a really nice constancy not too thick but not too runny just right! Also, you get the full size tube with the magazine which is a bonus (10ml).

Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve usually £12 for 10ml


The last magazine I bought was Elle I don't usually buy this magazine but when I saw you got a free St Tropez Gradual tan, I had to have it. I bought the medium- dark colour because I do like my tan a little darker. I've been using this tan since last night and I'm already starting to notice results! There isn't a massive difference but you can't expect to achieve that from a gradual tan in just a day. Also, I really like the scent it has to it, it's sort of like a Moringa scent which is really pleasant to have from a fake tan and not that dreaded awful biscuit smell! I'm really eager to see how this looks after a weeks use then I'll probably do a blog post to show the results and review it. With the magazine you get a 75ml bottle which is perfect for travel size!


St Tropez Everyday Body Moisturiser Gradual Tan: usually £14.50 for 200ml
Elle magazine: £3.90

Also, the Elle A/W runway edit is included with the magazine which I'm really excited to look at.

Have you bought any of these magazines recently? What did you think of them and the products that came with them?

Hope you enjoyed this little magazine blog post, please let me know if you have tried these products and what you think of them:)


Friday, 13 July 2012

Benefit Haul!

Hi everyone, today I've been shopping in my town centre not really looking for anything in particular, but I couldn't resist looking at the Benefit counter in House Of Fraser. After um'ing and ah'ing for about ten minutes whether I was actually buying anything, I finally decided to just go for it and buy the products which  I had been wanting for ages/products which I had ran out of.


The first thing I picked up was the 'Porefessional'. I've been using this since Christmas and it had lasted ages. Unfortunately, it ran out last month but luckily I was saved by Glamour Magazine with their Benefit free gifts and I managed to survive with a sample  size until I had enough pennies rolling in to purchase another one. I was really annoyed though because after,  I went in Debenhams and they had their duty free offer on, which meant I could have had £3 off! Oh well I love this product so much that paying full price for it doesn't really bother me. I'm really excited to use this product again because I love it so much! It's probably my favourite item in my makeup bag. Stay tuned for a Porefessional review coming soon!

The Porefessional- Primer/Pore minimizing-  £23.50

The next thing I bought was 'Hoola'. A product which I have been wanting to try out for ages now but I had never  got round to it. So I decided to get it while I'm splashing the cash. I'm really excited to try this and I love the colour.

Hoola- Bronzer- £23.50


Another product I have been itching to try is 'Stay Don't Stray'.  Because I'm sick of my eyeliner/eye shadow smudging all the time and leaving creases! I decided enough is enough and that I need to try this product because I have been lusting after it for ages. I'm Definitely excited to give this ago to see how it works and possibly review it.

Stay Don't Stray- Primer for eye shadows and concealer. -£19.50


The last thing I bought today was 'Big Beautiful Eyes'- eye contour kit. This was my 'I'm going to treat myself product'. I justified this because I thought well I bought a new eye primer so I may as well buy a new eye shadow kit. I'm really looking forward to trying this kit out, because the colours look amazing.

Big Beautiful Eyes- eye contour kit- £24.50

Also, I popped into Superdrug and I was browsing the MUA stand. I picked up this MUA eye shadow pallet. I thought it was great for the price considering how many eye shadows you get with it. I really like the variety of colours with this pallet.

MUA eye shadow pallet in the colour: Heaven and Earth. - £4.00

I hope you enjoyed reading this Benefit haul. I will be reviewing most of these products at some point and I also have another Benefit product to review soon which I bought the other week, so keep an eye out.

Take care and have a nice day!
Concealandcover (Charlotte) x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I'm Back!

I'm back... With a Topshop Haul!

So, I know I haven't blogged at all for ages now, I have been really busy with my end of year exams at school but I have left now (woo). So, you can be expecting a lot more blog posts, about 2-3 a week. Anyway, I was in London a few weeks ago and of course you cant go to London without visiting Topshop, Oxford Street. Topshop was manic as the sales were on, but typical me couldn't find anything i liked in the sale, so i ended up buying all none sale items.

So, the first thing I picked up was this white slouchy, winged sleeved jumper with multi-colour speckles. I thought this will go really well on its own for slightly warmer weather, but also look equally as nice on colder days, layered with a polo or a shirt and a jacket. I also love the multi-coloured speckles which allows you to add any colour top underneath.

Ok, so I loved the jumper so much, I went back the next day and bought it in this mint colour, which i really love too because of the colour which reminds me of mint choc-chip ice cream.

I really wasn't sure about this cropped top because I wasn't sure if it would suit me. However, I was really desperate for a new outfit to wear on the night, for a meal and to see Shrek The Musical (which by the way is amazing, seriously go see it). My boyfriend picked this out for me and decided I'd go try it on and see what it was like on. However, when I got to the changing rooms, the que was MASSIVE, with it been the sales and all. So I decided that I'd just buy it and return it if I didn't like it. I'm so glad I bought this because its such a perfect top for summer. It looks great with a high waist, body con skirt or shorts for      warmer days or for going away somewhere hot. Equally, it also looks great with high waist           trousers/jeans if you don't really like showing your belly of, like me.  
                                                                                    Cropped top-£20                              

The last thing I bought was this blazer. I'd been looking for a good quality blazer for ages now and I finally came across this one a decided just to go for it. I also wore this on the night with my white, flowered cropped top, a black body con skirt, tights and black flatforms. I'm so pleased I bought this because a blazer because I feel like a blazer is a key item everyone needs in there wardrobe. It's slightly pricier at £65 but I justified it because 'I needed it'. That old excuse.

Hope you enjoyed this mini Topshop Haul. If you want to see any specific blogpost on something. Please feel free to offer me any constructive advice on how to improve/where to go next with my blog as I'm still starting out.

Take care and have a nice day!
Concealandcover (Charlotte) x